About Me


I am a (possibly mid-life-crisis-ing) mum listening to nursery rhymes on loop.

I have four babies. One human – #LilyRaisin, and three ceaselessly shedding furballs – a chihuahua and two meow-sters. If they all sat down together and gave me a performance appraisal, they’d probably give me a ‘C’ for ‘cannot-make-it-but-trying-damn-hard’. I really do try.

As you can see, I struggle with a healthy dose of guilt, self-loathing and self-deprecation, which could either make me more annoying or less annoying to you, depending on whether you’re a proud, over-achieving, self-professed Type A.

I am also a freelance writer who only ever writes to pay the bills. Up until now.

Now, I’ve decided to revive this very old blog to try to think through my mid-life crisis in the most unoriginal way – by writing about it. So here goes.


Follow me on Instagram: @polkadology
Follow my furbabies: @tottochi


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